We understand how difficult it can be when dealing with a loved one who is an alcoholic or drug addict.

A professional intervention can help you overcome the stress, fears and difficulties of trying to help someone who doesn’t seem to want help or can’t see that they need it.

What is the Process?

First, there is a consultation with family members and friends who will be participating in the intervention. We will assess your concerns and listen to the history with the loved one. We will go over the steps that will take place and coach each person on how to convey their concerns in a positive and caring way during the intervention process. At this time we will also discuss treatment options.

We will then pre-arrange an appropriate treatment facility and program prior to the intervention based on needs and availability.

The intervention is scheduled and if your loved one agrees to treatment, they will be taken to the appropriate facility.

How Do We Know If An Intervention Is Necessary?

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