Intensive Outpatient Treatment

We offer Outpatient Treatment as an alternative to Residential Treatment programs for those who don’t see residential treatment as an option. Often it can take weeks to get a bed in a residential treatment facility and you may be anxious to get your recovery started. We can get you started any time, without the long wait. This program allows the flexibility of living at home or any other safe environment and possibly the flexibility of working part time. Read more >

Sex Addiction Help

Sex addiction, which can also be called “sexual compulsion,” “hypersexuality,” or “hypersexual disorder,” is a pre-occupation with sex, often involving the obsessive pursuit of sexual encounters. We can help. Trained by the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals, Brad Oneil is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT). Read more >

Recovery Coaching

Whether you are dealing with substance abuse issues or other areas of life recovery, we have coaching staff to help you understand those areas of your life and work with you to develop healthy lifestyles. Programs are tailored to suit you needs and you can select from one on one coaching, workshops or group sessions. Read more >


Often, you can find yourself unable to deal with or get through to a loved one who is trapped in their addiction. Our intervention specialists are experienced in helping you through those difficult times and choices. We provide pre-intervention consultations leading to the actual intervention and are affiliated with treatment facilities to get your loved one the help they need. Read more >


Recovery Calgary offers a 12 week program dealing with codependency, family or origin issues and relationships. These One on One sessions will help you understand your behaviors, determine their origins, help build self esteem and improve relationships.