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Our Day Treatment Program is designed for people who don’t see residential treatment as an option and who are struggling with addiction or their current attempts at recovery.

What is Day Treatment?

Our Day Treatment Program is a 6 week, half day, 5 day per week program which will teach you to live free of addictions. We combine group sessions and one on one counseling to help you acquire the necessary skills to begin a new healthy life.

What are the Advantages of Day Treatment?

  • Non-residential means you can continue to live at home or in any other safe environment
  • It is affordable as we don’t have to provide accommodations or meals
  • You attend in the mornings and have the balance of the day for other activities
  • Depending on your employer, you may be able to maintain your job on a part time basis and have it waiting for you upon completion of the program.

What does it cost?

  • Our fees are on a sliding scale based on your income and financial situation.